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Tooth Fairy Kit

The tooth fairy kit can help children feel better about losing their baby teeth. A young girl brushes her teeth in this image.
Children often have a fear of losing their first baby tooth. But as soon as they get used to losing their baby teeth, you will find them grinning toothlessly and laughing as they say, “Look! I lost another tooth!”

Of course, expecting that gift from the Tooth Fairy helps make the change from baby teeth to grown-up teeth more exciting as well.

As the story goes, the Tooth Fairy is a warm, loving, magical creature who lives in the clouds. After baby teeth fall out and children leave them under their pillows overnight, she will collect them as a way to wish them good fortune. In exchange for the teeth, the Tooth Fairy leaves a little gift behind.

Download our Tooth Fairy Kit here for your children. Help them use it to tell the Tooth Fairy the story about how they lost each baby tooth.

In addition to making the experience fun for them, it can serve as a keepsake for you as well!

Download The Tooth Fairy Kit