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Cosmetic Dentistry
A woman with beautiful teeth smiles as she stands outdoors. Dr. Adam Fienman is a top Invisalign dentist in West Bloomfield, Michigan.
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Top Invisalign Dentist in West Bloomfield, Michigan

If you have been living with drifting teeth not knowing what could be done to stop them from shifting further, now is the time to act. It has never been easier to straighten misaligned teeth. We can get you the straighter, healthier smile you desire with clear aligner therapy in as little as 6 months. A top local Invisalign dentist, Dr. Fienman has been using Invisalign as his clear aligner therapy of choice for years to provide people with beautiful healthy smiles that will last a lifetime.

How Invisalign® Works

Invisalign® uses a series of clear aligners to straighten teeth.

Invisalign® aligners are:

  • Comfortable. With no wires or brackets, Invisalign® aligners are less likely to irritate your mouth than braces.
  • Removable. You can take out your aligners, which means you can eat without worrying about getting food stuck in braces. And it’s easier to brush and floss, too.
  • Fast.The typical case takes 6-10 month to treat with Invisalign clear aligners. This is much quicker than treatment with metal braces that typically take 16-18 months.
  • Predictable. We carefully plan your treatment in the Invisalign® software to determine your final smile. You’ll know exactly how long your treatment will take, provided you wear your aligners as instructed.

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Dr. Fienman is an Active Member of The Official Academy for Clear Aligner Therapy

The founders and members of the AACA believe in achieving beautiful Cosmetic Dentistry through tooth movement, not tooth reduction. This means we always strive for our patients to have straight teeth in a stable healthy bite. We know a stable bite will create smiles that function for years with less need for intervention and maintenance from the dentist.

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A top Invisalign dentist, Dr. Adam Fienman is an active member of the American Academy of Clear Aligners. This image depicts the organization's logo.

Before and After Photos of Invisalign Treatment