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Importance of Routine Dental Cleanings and Checkups

Even if you feel just fine, routine dental cleanings and checkups are important for several reasons.

So what is the top reason to visit the dentist twice a year? Well, we want to see you, of course, and chat about what you’ve been up to!

We think that’s a great reason, but if that’s not a strong enough argument to get you making those dental appointments, here are a few more.

1. Your teeth will be cleaner than they’ve been in months.

No matter how hard you work at maintaining your oral health, sometimes plaque buildup is inevitable. Our hygienists will remove any tricky little deposits that have escaped you. Plus, your teeth will feel amazing for a few days afterward.

2. Routine dental cleanings and checkups allow us to see things that you don’t.

Cavities don’t always hurt, and you can’t always tell if your enamel is wearing away. We can see both plus much more. That’s why we have X-rays and all those tools that no one likes very much.

3. You can talk with us about how to beautify your smile.

Your dental cleaning is the perfect time to talk about cosmetic dentistry that might be available to you. Looking for a whiter smile with tooth whitening procedures? Hoping to straighten your teeth with Invisalign? Want to fill a space that you don’t like? Let us know, and we’ll help you identify the best solutions for you.

4. We can monitor your teeth over the years.

Those dental X-rays we take to see if you have any cavities or other issues also serve a historical purpose. We can determine if there are patterns that need to be addressed.

5. It gives us an opportunity to use diagrams and molds to demonstrate proper oral hygiene.

When you visit us for a dental cleaning, we can help you identify the best ways to brush and floss. We can also recommend a specific type of toothpaste that may be best for you. Please forgive us if we go on and on. We just really have a lot of fun talking about it all!

6. We’ll check for signs of oral cancer, diabetes, and other conditions.

All joking aside, an important reason for routine dental cleanings and checkups is to identify diseases. During your oral exam, we’ll check your tongue, gums, throat, and the roof of your mouth for signs of oral cancer. The sooner oral cancer is identified, the better the prognosis. A dental exam also helps us identify issues such as diabetes and gingivitis.

Ready to schedule your dental exam and cleaning now? If so, we’ll look forward to seeing you!

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