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We all want to avoid cavities. Our dental team utilizes cutting edge dental technology to identify dental disease early and provide preventive services to our patients. Using advanced imaging techniques to identify issues early and applying fluoride and other sealant materials we can often prevent the breakdown of teeth that leads to cavities. Now with the introduction of a new in-office treatment we can go beyond just prevention but step in and treat early-stage cavities before they require a filling. Avoiding the drill and the expense of a filling.
This professional in-office treatment of early-stage cavities is a non-invasive and easy-to-use treatment. Curodont™ Repair Fluoride Plus uses a proprietary CUROLOX® formula to help teeth naturally remineralize by helping fluoride, calcium, and other minerals found within the patient’s saliva penetrate the enamel to assist in the remineralizing and rehardening of healthy tooth structures within a matter of weeks.

Why is this important? In most cases, an early-stage cavity that is left untreated will inevitably require drilling and filling. Fillings don’t last forever and once placed will need periodic replacement when new decay forms around the edge or if the filling breaks down over time. Treating early-stage cavities with Curodont™ before they grow large enough to require a filling can help alleviate the need for a lifetime of costly dental work. Used lone fluoride-containing products are wonderful for prevention. But they can only aid in remineralization and assist in making the enamel surface more acid-resistant and act solely at the surface. They don’t turn back the clock on existing deeper damage. Curodont™ Repair Fluoride Plus works deeper to repair and rebuild lost enamel. This service can be applied more than once and is best used in conjunction with other remineralization products such as fluoride varnish.

This easy-to-use in-office treatment sees a 95% success rate on most early-stage cavities. Let’s help you be proactive and avoid the drill this season.

With all the extra treats this holiday season now is the time to book your appointment and try our new Curodont™ Repair Fluoride Plus service! Give us a call at (248)539-3600 to book your appointment today.

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